Educational resources

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Docker and the broader community of Docker experts have put together many different ways to get further training and hands-on experience with Docker. Expand your understanding of Docker and Kubernetes with these additional free and paid resources.

Hosted Labs

These self-paced and hands-on workshops use free, hosted environments (Play with Docker and Play with Kubernetes) that do not require anything to be installed. Follow along and learn more about Docker and Kubernetes.

* Labs are free but require registration with a Docker ID

Self-Guided Tutorials

Created by experts in the Docker community, these free tutorials provide guided step-by-step workflows for working with the Docker platform.


If books are your preferred learning style, check out these written by the Docker Captains. Docker Captain is a distinction that Docker awards to select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are committed to sharing their Docker knowledge with others.

Self-Paced Online Learning

A number of Docker Captains have also created video courses on Docker and Kubernetes.

  • Bret Fisher: Docker Mastery, Docker Swarm Mastery, Docker Mastery for Node.js Projects
  • Nick Janetakis Dive into Docker, Docker for DevOps
  • Nigel Poulton: Kubernetes 101, Getting Started with Kubernetes, Docker and Kubernetes: The Big Picture, Kubernetes Deep Dive, Docker Deep Dive
  • Arun Gupta: Docker for Java Developers
  • Ajeet Singh Raina: Docker and Kubernetes Labs
  • [French] Luc Juggery: Introduction to Kubernetes, The Docker Platform
  • [Spanish] Manuel Morej√≥n: Integrating Docker to its Infrastructure and Services

* Many of the courses are fee-based

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